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Parental Involvement


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Our Philosophy

Randolph County School System recognizes that educating students and helping them to achieve is a shared responsibility between the school and parents.  Schools and parents must work together to ensure that students develop the necessary skills for success in life.  Research, school systems, and parents all confirm that students perform at a higher educational level when there is evidence of parent involvement in schools.

Our school district supports the development, implementation, and continuing evaluation of activities that promote:

    - Communication between parents and schools: Conduct effective communications from school-to-home and from home-to-school about school programs and student progress.

    - Successful student learning and skill development: Assist families with parenting skills and setting home conditions to support children as students. Also, assist schools to better understand families.

    - Parents and their contributions as welcomed assets: Organize volunteers and audiences to support the school and students. Provide volunteer opportunities in various locations and at various times.

    - Parents as vital members of the decision-making body of schools: Include families as participants in school decisions, and develop parent leaders and representatives.

    - Community partnerships that expand opportunities for students: Coordinate resources and services from the community for families, students, and the school, and provide services to the community.

The Parent Involvement Coordinator organizes workshops and regular meetings with teachers and other community stakeholders in an effort to support students as they strive to achieve academic success.

Benefits of Parental Involvement

For Students

* Higher grades and test scores
* Better attendance
* Increased enrollment in more challenging academic programs
* More classes passed and credits earned
* Improved behavior at home and at school
* Better social skills and adaptation to school

For Teachers

* Increased respect for families' strengths and efforts
* Greater readiness to involve all families in new ways
* Increased satisfaction with family involvement and support

For Parents

* Increased feeling of support from school and other parents
* More interactions with other families in school and community activities
* More effective responses to student problems
* Increased awareness of student progress and how to help student do better
* Increased feeling of "ownership" and "sense of community" at school

Shayla Gilbert
Parent Involvement Coordinator

98 School Drive
Cuthbert, Georgia 39840
PH: 229-732-2269   
FX: 229-732-6972