Study Guides & Resources for Georgia Milestones

We hope you will find the following study guides and reference sheets helpful when you start to review for the Georgia Milestones Assessments. You can find more information at the Georgia Department of Education Milestones Resources site.

Randolph County Elementary School

Grade 3 Study Guide
Milestones Study Guide Grade 4
Milestones Study Guide Grade 5

Randolph Clay Middle School

Grade 6 Study Guide
Grade 7 Study Guide
Grade 8 Study Guide
Grade 6 Math Formulas
Grade 7 Math Formulas
Grade 8 Math Formulas

Randolph Clay High School

Physical Science 8 Grade Only
Algebra 1 Study Guide
US History Study Guide
Biology Study Guide
Physical Science 8 Grade Reference Sheet
Algebra 1 Formula and Reference Sheet
American Literature and Composition
Periodic Table