Our Google & Chromebook Project


We're Googling Now!

The Randolph County School System's Google Project started when a few teachers started evaluating the G-Suite for Education (it was not called this then) and the Office 365 for Education platforms in the 2017-2018 school year.

Google Apps logo
During the 2018-2019 school year the emphasis was placed on Google environment. Even though we used iPads as our predominant personal learning devices throughout the district, we decided to purchase enough Chromebooks to put one in each students hand at the high school and middle school level. This would allow our students to take advantage of the G-Suites App and provide a reliable testing platform with a built in keyboard. The Google Suites for Education and Chromebooks have proved to be a invaluable addition to the Randolph County School System's technology resources.


The Google Project will continue into the Summer of 2019 and the following school year. There will be professional development classes throughout the Summer in the proper care and management of Chromebooks in education and how to incorporate the use of Google Apps into the curriculum to better educate our students. Also, our teachers will undergo training in various methods of incorporating STEM concepts into our curriculum, as well as the Standards of Excellence.


Even though WE are still in a transition period, the benefits are showing:

    - students are more engaged
    - students are more enthusiastic
    - students are more willing to provide better quality feedback
    - there is better communication