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Topic Department Phone
Board Office Fax Board of Education 2297323840
BOE Assistant Superintendent/Federal Programs - Dr. Donna Drakeford Board Of Education 2297322463
BOE Curriculum Fax Number Board Of Education 2297326972
BOE Finance - Holly Gresham Board Of Education 2297322260
BOE Front Office - Ella Cannon Board Of Education 2297322211
BOE Human Resources - Shirley Marshall Board Of Education 2297322106
BOE Interim Superintendent - Dr. Tangela Madge Board Of Education 2297322268
BOE Main Number Board Of Education 2297323601
BOE Payroll - Lebreshia James Board Of Education 2297322260
BOE Special Education Director - Dr. Tosha A. Middlebrooks Board of Education 2297322278
BOE Student Support Services - Shirlette Morris Board Of Education 2297323610
Director of Family Connection - Kuanita Murphy Family Connection 2297323796
District Technology Coordinator - James Cobb Technology 2297322281
Elementary I Cafeteria School Food Services 2297326598
Elementary II Cafeteria School Food Services 2297322265
Family Connection Fax Number Family Connection 2297323860
Head Start Bookkeeper - Veronica Riggins Head Start 2297322287
Head Start Director - Juanita Bradley Head Start 2297323912
Head Start Family Services Assistant - Beldra Johnson Head Start 2297322283
Head Start Family Services Manager - Head Start 2297322289
Head Start Fax Number Head Start 2297322287
Head Start Nutritionist - Temeka Price Head Start 2297322286
Head Start Secretary - Monica Mitchell Head Start 2297325039
High School Cafeteria School Food Services 2297326519
Parent Involvement - Shayla Gilbert Board Of Education 2297322269
Randolph Clay High School - Main Number Randolph-Clay High School 2297322101
Randolph Clay Middle School Main Number Randolph Clay Middle School 2297322190
Randolph County Elementary Main Number Randolph County Elementary 2297323794
RCES Academic Coarch - Becky McPherson Randolph County Elementary 2297326702
RCES Assistant Principal - Elizabeth Knighton Randolph County Elementary 2297322700
RCES Bookkeeper - Lori Wilson Randolph County Elementary 2297322686
RCES Counselor - Elizabeth Knighton Randolph County Elementary 2297325081
RCES Ex. Ed. Secretary - Earline Hightower Randolph County Elementary 2297322051
RCES Fax Number Randolph County Elementary 2297326027
RCES Media Specialist - Laura Crittenden Randolph County Elementary 2297322697
RCES Nurse - Julie Slappy Randolph County Elementary 2297322701
RCES Principal - Robbin Temples Randolph County Elementary 2297323801
RCES Secretary - Angela Foster Randolph County Elementary 2297322302
RCES Student Records - Megan Starling Randolph County Elementary 2297322301
RCHS Agriculture Shop - Kaylin Brown Randolph-Clay High School 2297322796
RCHS Assist. Principal - Laberton Sims Randolph-Clay High School 2297322201
RCHS Basketball Coach - Genetta Moore Randolph-Clay High School 2297322478
RCHS Bookkeeper - Lorianne Strafford Randolph-Clay High School 2297322118
RCHS Building Secretary/Records - ShaKeythia Graddy Randolph-Clay High School 2297322138
RCHS Counselor - Star Brown Randolph-Clay High School 2297322147
RCHS CTAE Department Secretary - Dorothy Vinson Randolph-Clay High School 2297322462
RCHS CTAE Director/Media Specialist - Stuart Bailey Randolph-Clay High School 2297322280
RCHS Nurse - Julie Slappy Randolph-Clay High School 2297322497
RCHS Principal - Dr. Roy Davenport Randolph-Clay High School 2297322136
RCHS Resource Officer - Eddie Sullivan Randolph-Clay High School 2297325634
RCHS SIS Director - Cynthia Levatte Student Information Services 2297323818
RCMS Councelor - Jeanette Burks Randolph Clay Middle School 2297322795
RCMS Principal - Dr. Sherrod Willaford Randolph Clay Middle School 2297322793
RCMS School Improvement Specialist - SaJuana Williams Randolph Clay Middle School 2297323457
RCMS Secretary - Gabreale Fillingame Randolph Clay Middle School 2297322790
School Food Services Director - Jeanette Jones School Food Services 2297322295
SFS Bookkeeper - School Food Services 2297322234
Transportation Director - David Prince Transportation 2297326227