In Randolph County's School System, every effort is made to keep parents and the community informed. If you have a question about your child's education, please start with your child's teacher. If, after speaking with the teacher, you feel you need additional information, the school principal will be glad to help you. For questions about programs  or concerns on a district-wide level, there are qualified individuals trained to assist you.




State Board of Education

  • State Board Actions
  • State Board Policies

 Board of Education

Linberg Graddy
(Board Chairman)

Don Smith
(Vice Chairman)

Henry Cook

Rodney Burks

Dymple Mcdonald



Interim Superintendent

Dr. Tangela Madge

Assistant Superintendent/
Director of Federal Programs

Dr. Donna Drakeford

Director of Student Services/CTAE


Director of Special Education

Dr. Tosha Middlebrooks

Director of Human Resources

Shirley Marshall

School Improvement Coordinator

SaJuana Williams

Director of Transportation

David Prince

SIS Director


Director of Technology

James Cobb

Finance & Business

  • School Funding(federal and state)
  • State Salary Schedule
  • School Statistics




Director of Food and Nutrition

Genett Wimberly

Payroll/ Benefits

  • Teaching Licensing
  • Benefits

Lebrieshia Bailey  

Family Connection Director

Kuanita Murphy  


  • Randolph County Board of Education Headstart
  • Randolph County Elementary School
  • Randolph County Middle School
  • Randolph County High School


Juanita Bradley

Robbin Temples

Dr. Sherrod Willaford


Parent Involvement

Velma Martin