Title I Information
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Title I, Part A is a federal program that provides funding to help poverty students reach the State’s challenging academic standards.

Randolph County Elementary School is designated as a Title I Focus School.  A Focus School is a school that has the largest within-school gaps between the highest-achieving subgroup or subgroups and the lowest-achieving subgroup or subgroups.  At the high school level, this definition refers to the largest within-school gap in graduation rate.  In other words, a Focus School is a school that has a subgroup or subgroups with low achievement or, at the high school level, low graduation rate.

Randolph Clay Middle School is a Title I, Part A school that uses Title I funds to improve instruction for its students. The middle school does not have a special designation under Title I.

Randolph High School is designated as a Title I Priority School.  A Priority School is a school among the lowest 5-percent of Title I schools in the state based on the achievement of the all students group in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessments. There are two ways for a school to be considered Priority: 1) The all students  group (in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessments) are part of the SEA’s differentiated recognition, accountability, and support system, combined, and has demonstrated a lack of progress on those assessments over a number of years; or 2) A Title I participating or Title I eligible high school with a graduation rate of  less than 60-percent over a number of years. Randolph High School has been identified because of all students group achievement.